Meat & Dairy Case Liners | Poultry, Meat & Fish Pads

Our highly absorbent laminated poly/tissue liner is an effective way to keep retail dairy and meat cases clean and free of odours. Pre-cut FreshLiner Poultry, Meat & Fish Pads prevent leakage in retail portion packages.

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Poultry Farm Manure Paper

ChickRoll is indented kraft paper for poultry breeders that solves several common problems efficiently and economically. ChickRoll is highly absorbent, warmer, and bio-degradable for easy disposal.

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EcoPaper Packing Tape

Water-Activated Adhesive Paper Tapes

For companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint, our EcoPaper Packing Tape can help you meet your sustainability goals for packaging. Strong and tamper-resistant, it provides a secure barrier against pilfering.



Self-Sticking Protective Paper Wrap

Labor-saving, latex-coated CohesiveKraft sticks to itself, not your product. It forms a strong seal without tape, glue, or staples. It protects fragile surfaces (furniture, auto parts, etc.). Two sheets of linerboard make a secure instant envelope. 

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Custom-Printed Paper Tape | Wallboard Edge Tape

LogoRoll custom-printed tape or rolls is an affordable way to promote your brand, while giving products and packaging a finished, professional look. Printed tape is also tamper evident and pilfer proof. Water-activated and recyclable, LogoRoll tape helps remove plastics from the waste stream.


Paper Cable Wrap

Extensible Paper Tape For Wire And Cable

We supply cable manufacturers with paper tape used as a separator between the insulated conductors and the armor in armored building wire. Kraft sheathing paper. Electrical cable paper. Electrical insulation paper. Extensible paper tape.


Water-Activated Paper Tape Package Sealing Systems

Water-activated paper tape is an environmentally superior alternative to plastic tapes. We offer tape dispensing machines (both manually operated and automatic ) from two excellent suppliers. We also offer full service and maintenance. 


Water-Activated Paper Tape Sealing System

Water-Activated Paper Tape Sealing System

Fed up with polystyrene packing beans?

Try indented paper. Many companies want a sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene foam “beans.” Indented paper is lightweight, protective, and recyclable. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative. Available in roll form or sliced to create fill.

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