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Meat & Dairy Case Liners

Our highly absorbent laminated poly/tissue liner is an effective way to keep retail dairy and meat cases clean and free of odours.
Multiple layers of highly absorbent tissue laminated to poly help control moisture, residual bacteria, and odour while collecting debris.
Simple to install, they are also easy to dispose of, saving valuable cleanup time. Simply roll up and remove (usually once per week).
Protects display cases from deterioration.
Fits most retail cases.
Available in cut sheets or 250 foot rolls in 15, 30, and 32-inch widths
Other uses:

  • Asparagus protection pads (tissue, tissue and poly)
  • Tomato protection pads (tissue, tissue and poly)
  • Moving and storage blankets (tissue and poly)
  • Pet cage liners


These white pads prevent leakage in retail portion packages and absorb juices without drying food. Freshness and appeal are maintained longer. 

  • Reduces rewrapping and product downgrades
  • Helps maintain cleanliness in display cases
  • Promotes greater customer appeal

Chick Feed Roll & Poultry Farm Manure Paper

Chick Feed Roll is indented kraft paper developed for poultry breeders to solve several common problems efficiently and economically.
Chick Feed Roll is highly absorbent, warmer, and bio-degradable for easy disposal.
High absorbency means chicks are less likely to peck at droppings, which means a more hygienic environment that reduces first-week mortality.
Placed under drinking lines, the indented pockets hold feed efficiently for even bird distribution through the breeding house.
Chick Feed Roll also has high rustling properties. When baby birds walk on the paper, the rustling sound attracts other chicks, drawing them to food and drink.
Chick Feed Roll is a warmer floor covering. Superior to shavings in its even distribution, it is far better than plain newsprint, which gets slippery and can lead to leg problems.
And Chick Feed Roll saves labour. Because it degrades within 3-5 days, there’s no need to remove it from the poultry house. Simply apply another layer. Clean the facility once after the chicks have moved on.
Rolls are 32, 36, 48, or 60 inches wide. Lengths: 200 or 400 feet.
Also used for auto dealer protective disposable car mats.

Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper

Self-Sticking Kraft Paper Protective Wrapping
Labor-saving Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper sticks to itself, not your product, forming a strong seal without tape, glue, or staples. It protects fragile surfaces (furniture, auto parts, etc.). Two sheets of linerboard make a secure instant envelope.
Highly versatile, Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper can be used to protect everything from CDs to furniture.
The adhesive is comprised mainly of natural latex rubber. Water-based, it contains no solvents. A tight seal is created simply with contact pressure.
Application is fast, either by hand or with a machine. Cohesive packaging equipment can be relatively inexpensive.
With Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper, you can prepare packages and large items for shipping much more efficiently while drastically reducing the need for hand-packed boxes, cartons, bubble and padded mailers.
Fully recyclable, Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper removes plastics from the waste stream, providing companies that have sustainability packaging goals with an economical green alternative.
Ideal for:

  • Hardware and parts
  • Auto parts
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Furniture protection
  • Interior finishing trim and profiles
  • CDs, DVDs, videos, software

Available in rolls:

  • A variety of paper grades and weights
  • Natural or white
  • Plain or printed

Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper Liner Board

Heavy-duty cohesive linerboard provides greater strength and rigidity for excellent corner and surface protection during shipping.
Ideal for shipping:

  • Softcover books
  • Lighter-weight hardcover books
  • Documents, records, brochures, etc.
  • CDs, DVDs, videos, software
  • Calendars
  • Photographs

Latex-coated liner board available in rolls of varying basis weights. Available in Natural or White, plain or printed. Available with perforations and/or pull-tabs
Cohesive Bleached Kraft Giblet Wrap

A self-sealing cohesive paper created specifically for poultry production. Safe for food products it is used with automatic folding machines to form white paper pouches with a high wet-strength that hold poultry giblets. Available in rolls.
Cohesive Tag Stock
Two layers of bleached paper laminated with poly reinforcement and coated with a seal-to-self latex. Available in rolls.


Cohesive Kraft Packaging Paper Reinforced
Cohesive-Coated Reinforced Non-Asphaltic Kraft Paper

Custom-Printed Paper Tape
& Wallboard Edge Tape

Custom-Printed Paper Tape is an affordable way to promote your brand, while giving products and packaging a finished, professional look.
Printed tape is also tamper evident and pilfer proof. For your customers, it offers peace of mind.
Water-activated and recyclable, Custom-Printed Paper Tape helps remove plastics from the waste stream, providing companies that have sustainable packaging goals with a green alternative.
Our heavy-duty paper tapes are PMS-matched in up to three colours.

Wallboard Edge Tape

Independent Paper Converters is a major supplier of printed end-bundling tapes to the wallboard industry.

Paper Towel Printed Overwrap
Toilet Paper Printed Overwrap

Non-Reinforced Water-Activated
Adhesive Paper Tapes

For companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint, our Non-Reinforced Water-Activated Adhesive Paper Tapes can help you meet your sustainability and environmental goals for packaging.
With paper tapes, any corrugated box is recyclable, eliminating plastic tape and plastic-contaminated corrugated cartons from the waste stream.
Paper tapes are also strong and tamper-resistant, effectively sealing the tops and bottoms of cartons while providing a secure barrier against pilfering. 

  • Re-pulpable/recyclable
  • Any corrugated carton can be recycled
  • Tamper-evident seal (prevents pilfering)
  • Maintains a strong seal in cold, heat, humidity, and light
  • Can be printed with company identity and/or inventory coding
  • EcoPaper Packing Tape is dispensed from an electrical or manual tape dispenser, or through an automatic case sealer.

Available in:
35lb | plain or printed, Natural and White
60lb | plain or printed, Natural and White
90lb | plain, Natural
Also known as:
Paper Tape
Gummed Sealing Tape
Kraft Gummed Tape
Kraft Gummed Carton Sealing Tape